Home & Office Security

Access Control, Alarm Systems & CCTV

Security is incredibly important for both domestic and commercial property owners, and with the arrival of new automated security technologies, it is has become easier than ever to effectively protect both home and office. We have a wide array of security systems available and can provide you with a complete range of services to make your property safe and secure.

Get to feel confident whenever you leave your home or office knowing that it is safe from damage or break-ins, no matter how long you’re away for. Our range of security systems are designed to give you this peace of mind.  Using advanced technology from reputable leading brands such as HIK VisionIDS, Centurion, etc we can rig up your home or office in a way that gives you remote access to alarm systems and notifications.

Our Home & Office Security Services Include:

  • Electric Fence installations.
  • Electric Gate Motor Installations.
  • Zonal Burglar Alarm Installations.
  • CCTV Installations (Analog, IP & Hybrid Systems).
  • Time & Attendance.

To get a quote for our services, get in touch and set up an appointment for a FREE site survey. This will enable us to send you a quote that is tailor-made for your requirements.