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See & Detect Suspicious Activities Before They Occur.

 We are here to let you know that  a security system is more affordable and necessary than ever. We offer our clients a wide range of security solutions that boast state of the art technologies. We have a team of security experts with combined industry experience of over 25 years. Don’t settle for anything but the best, customized products and the highest quality customer service. Put our installers to work for your company by contacting us now for a free survey of your premises or request to speak to one of our agents.

CCTV Installation

CCTV installation is much more than just mounting a few cameras. From reviewing which video storage solution has the features and capabilities you need to specifying the best way for you to monitor your video, we offer complete professional CCTV installation services so you can focus on what you do best.

Enjoy the benefits that come with having a CCTV System that has been professionally set up. We know that not everyone has the time and knowledge to set this up and this is where we come in!

Our installation service is a complete package in the sense that we offer you the options of what type of camera’s to use, route the cables, install the CCTV kit and it’s associated components, set up the DVR/NVR, demonstrate the basic functions and most importanly, offer after sales services.

Alarm Systems

Protecting your home or business and providing security for the things that matter most to you is our highest priority. We offer professional, cost-effective solutions for alarm installation, repair, and monitoring.

At Exponent Technologies, we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest quality product and installation at competitive price, supported by a superior commitment to creating a superior experience for our customers before and after the sale.

Get the advantage of having an alarm system that will be able to send notifications to your mobile phone or other numbers that you might want to include on the alert list. Another option you will have is to synchronise the system to a security company of your choice who will also recieve alerts when there is an intrusion on your  premises. Get in touch with us today and get expert advise on how to secure your property.

Access Control

The importance of Access Control can not be over emphasized. It is now a very vital aspect when it comes to the security of assets and premises. Physical access control is all about who is on your site, where they are going, and when they are allowed and not allowed to access certain areas and assets.

In the past this was accomplished using keys and standard door locks. When the door was locked, the key was used to unlock the door and for the user to gain access. 

Imagine being able not only to manage one entrance door to managing a several enrty and exit points to buildings and office blocks. Our Access Control Solutions  deliver security, reliability and peace of mind to you. 

Electric Fencing

Residential and Commercial electic fence installations. Our fencing solutions are customized to provide you with fast, efficient and secure solutions.

All our installations are build to deter, detect and delay intrusion to your premises. Having a high voltage shock combined with a physical electric fence barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence.

One an intrsuion has been attempted, an alarm will be triggered. The advantage therfore of having an electic fence is that the attempted intrusion is delayed giving additional time for protective measures to be taken.

Maintenance Contracts

We are dedicated to making sure all our installations are functional long after we have installed them. We offer maintenance service contract to clients who wish to have us maintain their systems.

Enjoy the advantage of having your system ever sharp with our periodical routine maintenance checks. Being on a maintenance contract also allows you to be able to get priority response from our support teams incase you need any technical assistance with the installation.

A maintenance request can also be made for an installation that was not installed by us but is similar in nature. We will make an assessment and send you a quote.

Website Development

World class stunning, crisp, professionalal and responsive web designs.

PABX Systems

PABX installations, repair, maintenance & supply of associated accessories.

IT Solutions

LAN installations, Computer Hardware & Software Support & Solutions.


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