What Is On Page Optimization?

We understand how as a business owner, you can get overwhelmed with the day to day routines, schedules and meetings everyone in any business gets to have. If you have a website, busy schedules often do lead to you having to abandon your website making it a little rusty in the long run. Think of […]

How To Set KPI’s For Your Website

Have you ever considered having KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your website? At some point, you will need to know how your website is performing and this can only be done if you have measurable goals set for it. So how can this be done? Well, we use the SMART goal philosophy because it is […]

Who Should Be In Control Of Your Domain?

I have decided to write an article about domain name registration and who should be in control of it because over the past few weeks, we have had clients that have asked us to build or improve their websites but could not find a way of accessing their domain name credentials. In most cases, these […]

Web Design Services

Our Web Design Services There is a lot involved when it comes to Web Design Services, and just coming up with something attractive is not enough. Things like Search Engine Optimization, UX (User Experience), navigation, etc have to be considered so as to enable your website to perform in today’s competitive market. We have been […]

Who Is Visiting Your Website?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that generates detailed statistics about activity on a website. You can get more information on Google’s Official website where they explain how this tool helps you analyze visitor traffic and in the process painting a complete picture of your audience and their needs. Google Analytics uses first party cookies […]

Copper Rose Zambia

We are super excited about this new website for Copper Rose Zambia, an organisation that works to deliver a world where Adolescent’s Sexual Reproductive Health is made a priority.The organisation first started as a mentorship program to pair 1st year students with senior students at The Copperbelt University. The organisation was established in order to […]

Mount Hermon Safari Cottages

We do a lot of websites with eCommerce capabilities for different lines of businesses and we’re excited to add Mount Hermon Safari Cottages to that list. The clean design highlights the activities, accommodation and the overall safari holiday experience that guests to the holiday destination have.

Cattle Wealth Management

We have just completed Cattle Wealth Management Firm’s new website which is clean, crisp and professional. Just like them. If you are interested in investing in cattle, then this is the website that you got to be on.

What Is SSL & Why Is It So Important?

This week, we are going to look at a very important aspect of online security. We will be talking about SSL, what it is and why it is so important that you have this on your website. What is SSL? So, what is SSL? Well, SSL is an acronym for  (Secure Sockets Layer), which is […]

Why UX Is More Important Than Design

One of the most important things we discuss with our potential website development clients is about how they want their website to work. Truth is, if you want visitors on your website to follow links or click on call to action buttons and ultimately take the next step, then you have to make your website […]